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FOS compatibility with z/OS Version

Hello Everyone, 


We have FOS version 7.3.1c running on our Brocade.  We are planning for z/OS Upgrade from z/OS 2.1 to z/OS 2.3.  Is FOS version is compatible.  I tried to find the compat matrix against z/OS version, but couldn't able to find any. 


Could someone advice on this. 

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Re: FOS compatibility with z/OS Version

@Maniraja Gunasekaran


just a quick comment..... This is not a general question for the following reason:

Basically, when we talk about z/OS, we always talk usually about Mainframe!

And now the question: is a FICON environment?

in that case, they have to consider different things such as z Modell, Ficon Connector,

for this reason you have to - mandatory - proceed with FICON Qualified Letters before start with Upgrade whatever FOS or z/OS.

FICON environments are Unique, my recommendation is to open a TAC with IBM to get a customer specific Target Upgrade Path.

you can follow or ignore my recommendation, that is your own decision.


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