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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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FOS Upgrades after v6 truely non-disruptive?


Apologies for being over cautious, just looking for some real experiances on this topic.

We have a customer with some old SAN switches on backlevel code.  My understanding after reading numerous readme's and forums is that.

1. Upgrading versions 5x are disruptive.

2 Single level upgrades after 6.x are non-disruptive as per the readme's? ('taking less time and ensuring a truly seamless and non-disruptive process for the fabric.')

Is this truely the case in the real world on a heavily utilised fabric? is there any dependancies on switch types?  switch types involved are 3900,  4100, 4900, 200E.

Any anecdotes from experience etc would be welcome.



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Re: FOS Upgrades after v6 truely non-disruptive?

by FOS lever 5.x

When upgrading from Fabric OS v5.1.0x to v5.2.0x or v5.3.0, if there are

two or more inter-fabric links (IFL) connected to an edge fabric, one IFL

will stay online and the other IFLs will go online and offline. This will cause

a temporary traffic disruption going from multiple IFLs to 1 IFL and then

back to multiple IFLs. This is due to the front domain consolidation new

feature in v5.2.0 where the IFLs connected to the same edge share the same

front domain

Brocade say FOS 6.x is non-disruptive, however i facing on some time and in some scenario other experience, with other word, depend how the Fabric is designed you can have a similarly scenario as by level 5.x Code.

i.e. Brocade Director Class Switches are non-disruptive

btw. --->>>switch types involved are 3900,  4100, 4900, 200E.

3900 is supported only till FOS 5.3.2c

200E FOS 6.2.2f

4100 and 4900 are supported by FOS 6.4.3e


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