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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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FOS Evaluation License

Hi Experts,


I only found the Enterprise ICL evaluation License on Mybrocade. But how to get ICL POD license for trial? My customer is going to test ICL before order. But no temporary license can be used to active the ICL port.




Li Rui

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Re: FOS Evaluation License



AFAIK, the Eval. Enterprise ICL License cover the POD license.


there are no other license required, but I can be wrong !!!

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Re: FOS Evaluation License

There is no POD UTL eval license. Your account team may be able to obtain a temporary license from Brocade.


All UTL licenses are based on features like MAPS etc. The activation of ports requires a templicense which your account engineer can request at Brocade or purchase a license.

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Erwin van Londen
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Re: FOS Evaluation License

Ok. Let me try it. Thanks a lot.

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