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FOS 7.0.0c upgrade path to 7.4.1d

I need an advise regarding an upgrade from FOS v7.0.0c to 7.4.1d on several blades(BRD0000CA-SLKWRM0000HP2) running in AG Mode. After some reasearch i found this upgrade path : 

FOS v7.0.0c -> FOS v7.0.2c/d/e ->FOS 7.1.1a/b/c*->FOS 7.2.1g**->FOS 7.3.1d->FOS 7.4.1d.

Is this the shortest path to reach FOS 7.4.1d. or i've missed something?

Thanks in advance


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Re: FOS 7.0.0c upgrade path to 7.4.1d

You can upgrade to 7.1.x from any 7.0.x version, including your current one. So you can skip the step with "FOS v7.0.2c/d/e"
Everything else looks just right.

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