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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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FOS 6+ Name Server can not sort by WWN

Apparently, the FOS 6+ Name Server is unable to correctly sort the WWNs columns.

In the FOS 5 Name Server I could click on the top of one of the WWN columns and it would correctly sort all of the WWNs numerically.  The FOS 6 Name Server apparently has an issue sorting WWNs.  I kind of sorts them in blocks.  When I am trying to track down a WWN I could easily find it in the FOS 5 Name Server but for the FOS Name Server I have to resort to using the search button which is a workaround.  But, I also use the sorted WWNs column for other things and it is a real pain when it is not sorted correctly.

Look at the image below and see my comments. I have also attached the image in case the forum software trunks the inline image.

Is this just me or is anyone else have the same issue?  Can it be fixed?

BTW, I am using FOS 6.1.1b and FOS 5.0.5f


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Re: FOS 6+ Name Server can not sort by WWN


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Re: FOS 6+ Name Server can not sort by WWN

let me check, i think this is a issue with the WWN ID

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