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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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FOS 6.3.1b secpolicy fcs

Hi all,

I have a single switch which was member of a fabric. Currently there is no FC cable to the old fabric. The switch is isolated and has to be setup for a new SAN.

The fabric in which the switch was a member had a FCS_POLICY and a SCC_POLICY. The switch was a member of the SCC_POLICY. A fabricwide and strict policy for SCC and FCS was configured. The policy settings were replicated to all 3 switches and everything works fine.

Currently I try to remove both policies from the isolated switch. Neither Webtool nor commandline works. secpolicydelete, secpolicyremove and secpolicyactivate didn't work. This commands can only be issued from the FCS switch.

I was not able to download a new switch configuration without the policy settings. This returns the same statement: Only allowed on the FCS.

The configdefault command does not wipe out the security settings.

Any idea how to get rid of these policy settings without connecting it back to the old fabric?



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Re: FOS 6.3.1b secpolicy fcs

found a simple solution which I had not checked before posting here:

secpolicyadd "FCS_POLICY","nn:nn:nn:nn:nn:nn:nn:nn"



secpolicydelete FCS_POLICY

Now everything is fine :-)

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