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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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FICON problem (port ID <> port #)

I'm trying to install new Brocade 5100 switches in mainframe environtment. I already have another pair of Brocade (4100) working as a charm, so I'm simply trying to repeat the setup I did few years ago. However the nes switches does not works. I see CU ports a F_port - it's OK. I also see host ports as F_port. CHPid can be brought online and offline. I vary online/offline FICON CUP device.

I cannot vary path to CU online. The same CU (EMC disk) is available through another switch - so the IODF and EMC setup is OK.

New switches and old switches are not connected.

My observation: bad Port ID numbers are assigned.

D M=DEV(diskaddress) show bad ENTRY LINK ADDRESS for new switch.

Usually it's like 0105 01 is domain ID, 05 is entry switch port.

For my new swtich I get wrong entry port number, for example the chpid is attached to port 02, but I see entry link address 030B. 03 is correct domain Id, bt 0B is not entry port number, which is 02.

I also displayed "Port Administration" window (Web Tools) and I observed something really weird for me: Port# has no reliationship to Port Id.

For example Port#02 has Port Id 030B00, Port# 00 has Port Id 030F00, etc.

Old switches, that mean Brocade 4100 alway have Port# equal to middle byte of Port Id.

Any clue?

Can I change Port Id assignment?

Radoslaw Skorupka

P.S. This is my first post here, I hope I did it correctly.

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Re: FICON problem (port ID <> port #)

You can check with portswapshow if someone had changed the portid.

can you post switchshow and portswapshow output?

I hope this helps,


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Re: FICON problem (port ID <> port #)

The switch came directly from vendor, the only activity I'm aware of was firmware upgrade. Done by service engineer. In other words, nobody was able to play with the configuration. :-(

Requested outputs:

FICON03:FID128:admin> portswapshow
PortSwap is disabled.
Existing Portswap condition is still effective.
Only future Portswap operations are not allowed.

No ports have been swapped

FICON03:FID128:admin> switchshow
switchName:     FICON03
switchType:     66.1
switchState:    Online
switchMode:     Native
switchRole:     Principal
switchDomain:   3
switchId:       fffc03
switchWwn:      10:00:00:05:33:41:87:c9
zoning:         OFF
switchBeacon:   OFF
FC Router:      OFF
Allow XISL Use: OFF
LS Attributes: 

Index Port Address Media Speed State     Proto
  0   0   030f00   id    N4   Online      FC  F-Port  50:00:09:74:08:24:95:a5
  1   1   030d00   id    N4   No_Light    FC
  2   2   030b00   id    N4   Online      FC  F-Port  50:05:07:64:01:66:21:27
  3   3   030900   id    N4   No_Light    FC
  4   4   030e00   id    N4   No_Light    FC
  5   5   030c00   id    N4   No_Light    FC
  6   6   030a00   id    N4   No_Light    FC
  7   7   030800   id    N4   No_Light    FC
  8   8   030700   id    N4   No_Light    FC
  9   9   030500   id    N4   Online      FC  F-Port  50:00:09:74:08:24:95:9d
10  10   030300   id    N4   No_Light    FC
11  11   030100   id    N4   No_Light    FC
12  12   030600   id    N4   No_Light    FC
13  13   030400   id    N4   No_Light    FC
14  14   030200   id    N4   No_Light    FC
15  15   030000   id    N4   No_Light    FC
16  16   032700   id    N4   No_Light    FC
17  17   032500   id    N4   No_Light    FC
18  18   032300   id    N4   No_Light    FC
19  19   032100   id    N4   No_Light    FC
20  20   032600   id    N4   No_Light    FC
21  21   032400   id    N4   No_Light    FC
22  22   032200   id    N4   No_Light    FC
23  23   032000   id    N4   No_Light    FC
24  24   031f00   id    N4   No_Light    FC
25  25   031b00   id    N4   No_Light    FC
26  26   031d00   id    N4   No_Light    FC
27  27   031900   id    N4   No_Light    FC
28  28   031e00   id    N4   No_Light    FC
29  29   031c00   id    N4   Online      FC  F-Port  50:05:07:64:01:e6:25:90
30  30   031a00   id    N4   No_Light    FC
31  31   031800   id    N4   No_Light    FC

32  32   031700   --    N8   No_Module   FC  (No POD License) Disabled (Persistent)
33  33   031500   --    N8   No_Module   FC  (No POD License) Disabled (Persistent)
34  34   031300   --    N8   No_Module   FC  (No POD License) Disabled (Persistent)
35  35   031100   --    N8   No_Module   FC  (No POD License) Disabled (Persistent)
36  36   031600   --    N8   No_Module   FC  (No POD License) Disabled (Persistent)
37  37   031400   --    N8   No_Module   FC  (No POD License) Disabled (Persistent)
38  38   031200   --    N8   No_Module   FC  (No POD License) Disabled (Persistent)
39  39   031000   --    N8   No_Module   FC  (No POD License) Disabled (Persistent)

Kind regards


Radoslaw Skorupka

Lodz, Poland

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Re: FICON problem (port ID <> port #)

Sounds like DEFECT000290539.  This is from the v6.3.1b Release Notes:

Defect ID: DEFECT000290539 Technical Severity: Medium

Summary: On the Brocade 300, 5100, and 5300 switches shipped from the factory with FOS v6.3.0a, b, c,d, v6.3.1 and v6.3.1a, the assignment of PIDs (FCIDs) is non-deterministic.

Symptom: If customer has factory installed switches (Brocade 5300, 5100 and Brocade 300), shipped with FOS v6.3.0a,b,c,d, FOS v6.3.1, and FOS v6.3.1a, the area field of the PIDs will be assigned based on the order ports are recognized and brought up by the system the first time (and only the first time) it is booted. Each Switch port PID’s area will not equal its port number, which may impact servers (such as FICON servers, or static PID binding servers) that need their area equal to the port numbers to login to the fabric successfully. This issue does not impact switches that are upgraded from FOS v6.2.x to v6.3.0a,b,c,d, v6.3.1 and v6.3.1a, as PIDs are persistent across reboot and upgrade once they are assigned. An example of non-port based assigned PIDs from switchshow:

0 0 401700 -- N8 No_Module FC

1 1 401500 -- N8 No_Module FC

Workaround: In environments with devices that rely on the area of the PID to match the port number, users should bind PIDs using the portaddress --bind port_number command prior to allowing devices to log in to switch.

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