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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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   i have ever see a warning from errdump output , the error message is very frequent , 

error message:  FICON-1055.

but i check message reference , recommend action : contact customer vendor for support assistance.

so i dont understand it , brocade advise customer vendor that  what to do ?  how to do ?

 can  give me a further explain for the action,


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Re: FICN-1055

Hi wuf,


That recommended actions indicates that if that is an unexpected event, you should open a case with the vendor you bought the switch to (eg. IBM, HP, EMC or directly to Brocade).

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Re: FICN-1055


     thank you for reply me.

    because of the equipment is buy from brocade, as  your meaning , i need to create a case to second-line

engineer at brocade.



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