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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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FCOS compatibility matrix

Hi all ,

my customer have four FC switches .

two are brocades one intégrated into an IBM bladeCenter E Chassis  .

two are IBM branded brocade switches ( 2005-16B )

i have installed a full fabric licence so i can connect all of them the each other .meanwhile i noticed that the performances of the fabric are really disatriouse !! like when i start using the LUNS ( file copy ..) all the SAN freezes and the servers are hanging .

when i brok the fabric and re use the switch séparatly everything went normal and the performances are in place again.

all the zoning are corect , and all the differents parametres i checked more than once are as they should be . the only thing is that the fcos on the chassis switches are 6.3.1B , and the fcos in the IBM switches are 5.3.1.

my custormer dosent want to risque a major update to switches since theres a big risque of activity interrupt  !!! i need to know so i can convince him , if the two FCOS version are radically incompatible !

are there any compatibility matrix i can use ?

thanks for help

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Re: FCOS compatibility matrix


release notes for 6.3.1b have a compatibility list.

You will need to figure out what is Brocade's name for the switch in your blade chassi.

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Re: FCOS compatibility matrix

Do you have an IBM maintenance contract for them? If yes, open a case. We'll see what we can do...

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