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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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FCIP topology questions


Question 1:

I have two DCXs with FR4-18i blades. They are thousands of miles apart and would like to configure FCIP with Integrated routing between them.

If I use VEX_port on one side, I would need VE_port on the other side, so the fabric in one side will include the WAN part, with the disruption and repeated re-convergence problems that may come with that.

What would you do to avoid that? Maybe virtual fabrics to isolate the WAN??

Question 2:

In the case I have DCX in one side and 7800 in the other, is this topology supported?:


Thanks in advance!

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Re: FCIP topology questions

I just realized that the question 2 is not supported as it would have two "X" ports in the path... and that is not supported by Brocade.

Therefore, I don't see a way to isolate the WAN from the prod fabrics if you are using DCXs on both sides.

Any guess??


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Re: FCIP topology questions

AFAIK off and seen deployed ---- --wan/xwdm/native-- ---- is supported.

sw - switch

mpr - routing/protocol switch

This leaves you with 3 fabrics.

On the left (sw1) and right (sw2) an edge fabric and in the middle a backbone fabric.

Usually the backbone contains no devices. Create an LSAN zone in both edge fabrics among other things and your good to go.

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Re: FCIP topology questions

Be aware that you can't connect FR4-18i via FCIP to 7800.

As well introducing VF makes the administration a bit more complex.

I your case and if budget is OK use two7800 and create a backbone to isolate both SANs. Depending on your distance and bandwidth demand check if the 7800E fit to your environment.

I hope this helps,


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Re: FCIP topology questions

Thank you both.

I didn't know you couldn't connect FR4-18i to 7800 via FCIP...that reduces the possibilities.

I know that the recommended topology is Edge-Backbone-Edge, but as soon as we already have DCX with FR4-18i in one side, I think there's no way to build it. AFAIK, the only thing we could do is :


The problem is that Fabric2 will be exposed to the WAN issues.

Including VF would complicate the environment but at least we would have an isolated Fabric2.


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