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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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FCIP routing between TWO datacenters

TWO Datacenters having 70 SAN hosts at each datacenter , required to have Storage to Storage replication . Which is best Brocade Switches for SAN FC switching and FCIP routing between TWO datacenters. bandwidth is 10mbps MPLS.

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Re: FCIP routing between TWO datacenters

As always the answer is "It depend"

For starters you didn't say how many ports your storage array use, just 70 host at each data center.

It's not clear, to mee at least, if you already have some switches in place.

But based on 70 hosts only and the assumption you wnat redundancy by means of a redundant fabric config, you're looking at 2 7800' and 2 5300' per fabric, thus 4 each in total. The 7800 will enable you to do FCIP and the 5300 can supply 80 port's.

Thats the pizzabox config.

As an alternative you could go for the (baby) DCX option. You'll "need" 2 (baby)DCX's, 2 FC8-48 and 2 FX8-24 FCblades per fabric, so double for a redundant fabric setup..

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