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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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FCIP MP-7800 need urgent help

hi all

i have MP-7800

i have Copper GbE0, GbE1 these by default RJ45

and on port GbE 0 throug 5 , while they have copper SFP on port GbE 0 and GbE1-5 are empty no SFP installed

so can i configure one tunell (3 circuits) on all three GbE ports that i have

and how (how how how ), as am confused portcfg ipif ge0 will configure which GbE port

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Re: FCIP MP-7800 need urgent help

The RJ45 GE port 0 and 1 and the SFP based GE port 0 and 1 cannot be used simultaneous as they are combo port.

Meaning if you configure GE0 both the builtin RJ45 and the SFP based port will be "configured" identically.

If you want to create a 3 circuit tunnel on 3 interface use GE0 through 2.

Whether GE0 and 1 are the builtin ones or SFP ones doesn't matter.

If you only have one CU SFP, i suggest you'll put it in GE2 and togheter with GE0 and 1 create your tunnel

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