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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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FCIP Link Down - Brocade 7800


I wonder if anyone can help. I'm planning a Firmware upgrade on a number of our 7800 SAN switches this weekend and noticed after checking the configuration today that one of the FCIP links is down.

We have 4 switches. 2 in one Fabric I call "STRETCHED_FABRIC_C" and two in another fabric I call "STRETCHED_FABRIC_D".

The first fabric is fine and up until recently the STRETCHED_FABRIC_D one has also been fine.

However today, there is no FCIP link:

hl-fcsw-slo-04:admin> switchshow
switchName:     hl-fcsw-slo-04
switchType:     83.3
switchState:    Online
switchMode:     Native
switchRole:     Principal
switchDomain:   4
switchId:       fffc04
switchWwn:      10:00:00:05:33:54:98:0e
zoning:         ON (ZS_STRETCHED_FABRIC_D)
switchBeacon:   OFF
FC Router:      ON
FC Router BB Fabric ID: 1

Index Port Address Media Speed State     Proto
  0   0   040000   id    N8   No_Light    FC  Disabled (Persistent)
  1   1   040100   id    N8   No_Light    FC  Disabled (Persistent)
  2   2   040200   id    N8   Online      FC  F-Port  50:00:14:42:60:49:c8:21
  3   3   040300   id    N8   Online      FC  F-Port  50:00:14:42:70:49:c8:21
  4   4   040400   --    N8   No_Module   FC  Disabled (Persistent)
  5   5   040500   --    N8   No_Module   FC  Disabled (Persistent)
  6   6   040600   --    N8   No_Module   FC  Disabled (Persistent)
  7   7   040700   --    N8   No_Module   FC  Disabled (Persistent)
  8   8   040800   --    N8   No_Module   FC  Disabled (Persistent)
  9   9   040900   --    N8   No_Module   FC  Disabled (Persistent)
10  10   040a00   --    N8   No_Module   FC  Disabled (Persistent)
11  11   040b00   --    N8   No_Module   FC  Disabled (Persistent)
12  12   040c00   --    N8   No_Module   FC  Disabled (Persistent)
13  13   040d00   --    N8   No_Module   FC  Disabled (Persistent)
14  14   040e00   --    N8   No_Module   FC  Disabled (Persistent)
15  15   040f00   --    N8   No_Module   FC  Disabled (Persistent)
16  16   041000   --    --   Online      VE  VE-Port  (unknown)
17  17   041100   --    --   Online      VE  VE-Port  (unknown)
18  18   041200   --    --   Offline     VE
19  19   041300   --    --   Offline     VE
20  20   041400   --    --   Offline     VE
21  21   041500   --    --   Offline     VE
22  22   041600   --    --   Offline     VE
23  23   041700   --    --   Offline     VE
     ge0  --    UN   Online    FCIP  Copper
     ge1  --    UN   Online    FCIP  Copper
     ge2  --    UN        N/A  FCIP  Disabled
     ge3  --    UN        N/A  FCIP  Disabled
     ge4  --    UN        N/A  FCIP  Disabled
     ge5  --    UN        N/A  FCIP  Disabled

The ge ports are showing online, but no speed indicated.

When I run:

hl-fcsw-slo-04:admin> portshow fciptunnel all

Unknown Error

hl-fcsw-slo-04:admin> portshow ipif all

Unknown Error

Error accessing IP interfaces on GE Port 0/all

There's nothing in the errdump output.

Has anyone come across anything like this before? Nothing has changed on the configuration recently.

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Re: FCIP Link Down - Brocade 7800

Hi Spencer,

can you please perform the same commands from the corresponding site?



Kind Regards
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Re: FCIP Link Down - Brocade 7800


The same commands on the other switch worked. Unfortunately, the only one I collected was:

portshow fcipcircuit all

Timeout on internal message. Please retry the command.

portshow fcipcircuit all


Tunnel Circuit  OpStatus Flags   Uptime   TxMBps  RxMBps ConnCnt CommRt  Met


  16    0 ge0     InProg  ----s    29d5h    0.00     0.00   24   40/40    1

  17    0 ge1     InProg  ----s  121d12h    0.00     0.00  16    40/40    0


Flags: circuit: s=sack

The one thing I did notice however was the the hl-fcsw-slo-04 switch had been up for 597 days, so I scheduled a reboot of the switch last night.

The reboot corrected the problem.

The firmware version of these two switches is: v6.3.1a

I don't know if this issue was a combination of the firmware and uptime - but I'm happy the reboot fixed the problem. I'm planning to upgrade to 6.4.2a as this is the current target code level suggested by EMC for our environment.

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Re: FCIP Link Down - Brocade 7800


Before the upgrade I would keep an eye on the error counters for each of the GbE ports on the hl-fcsw-slo-04 switch. If there are excessive physical layer errors I would not upgrade until those are remediated. The upgrade process requires the circuits to go offline. When the upgrade is complete they will come back online.

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Re: FCIP Link Down - Brocade 7800

Thanks for the advice. I double checked this side in the run up to the weekend work and it was all looking good.

The firmware upgrade went through over the weekend without any issues.

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