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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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FCIP Compression Considerations

Greetings All:
I have few querries on FCIP compression on Brocade 7800 or IBM SAN06B-R FCIP Router.
We have a Link of 10Mbps. At present the FCIP tunnel is established with Compression OFF(FOS v6.4)
1. Which is the best compression mode I can go for, as per document Mode 3 is the best?
2. What is the compression we can get with different modes?
3. Is there any data integrity consideration that might come with more compression, or it doesnt matter weather we use Aggressive mode compression or Standard or Moderate?
4. Is there any compatibility issues, I need to check before we go ahead and make this change?
5. I suppose its a disruptive process, needs a downtime to make this change. Please correct me if I'm wrong
6. Any other consideration that I need to check before I set the compression ON?
Thanks in advance.
Any help would be highly appreciated.
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Re: FCIP Compression Considerations

Hi Suman,

Here are a few points I managed to gather on compression:

  1. Mode 3 is the best but it only tolerates up to 2.5 Gbps of FC traffic;
  2. We're using 2 here (moderate) and we get a ratio a bit higher than 4
  3. ...
  4. ..
  5. It is a disruptive process as by the time you change the parameter on both side, it will raise an "incompatible configuration" alert and turn the tunnel down.
  6. Might be worse before making the change to do an "ipperf fciptunnel -tperf" with different compression parameter and see what you get. WARNING : activating tperf on the tunnel turns the tunnel down for the same reason than compression!

Have a look also at what is your peak data send rate on your line to see if you can go for mode 3 compression.



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