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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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FCIP 7800 problems - physical connection


we already have three 7500 for three different locations A,B,C (one 7500 for each location) and two new 7800E to get redundancy for two (A,B) of these locations.

For WAN we are using SDH with two different links per location. All three locations are connected by each other as a triangle (see attachement).

So we took the two cable (one from each 7500 at A,B) to the new 7800E GE LWL ports but none ports are going to online just no_sync. On 7500 this connection between A and B is running without any problems.

Fabric Parameter Long Distance Fabric was set to 1.

All fcip routers are part of one fabric. 7500 and 7800 are connected locally by one FC cable.
Our WAN is a SDH triangle hosted by T-Systems using Adva FSP 1500.
All fcip routers are at FOS 6.4.2 and using GE optical interfaces for WAN connection.

Cables are conneted directly to our providers Adva components.

Used GE SFPs 7800E: Brocade 57-1000013-01

fcip_7800_1_ms:admin> portshow ge0
Eth Mac Address: xx.xx.xx.xx.xx.xx

Port State: 2 Offline
Port Phys: 5 No_Sync
Port Flags: 0x1 PRESENT
Port Speed: 1G

Portmedia was switched from copper to optical. All VE ports are listed as none licensed. We have std. + enterprise bundle licenses (Extended Fabric,Fabric Watch,Performance Monitor,Trunking,Adaptive Networking,Server Application Optimization).

Could this a license problem?! Which license is needed to use FCIP on 7800?!

For 7500 we use "High-Performance Extension over FCIP/FC" license.

I hope anyone could help.



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Re: FCIP 7800 problems - physical connection

Hi Andreas,

Brocade 57-1000013-01 are SW SFPs ... Could you provide sfpshow <geport> on 7500 where links are working fine ?

Kind regards,



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Re: FCIP 7800 problems - physical connection

Hi David,

THX for your advice.

We have changed SFPs in the following way:

1.)     7500 GE0 SFP -> 7800 GE0

ge0  id    1G   Mod_Inv   FCIP "Speed Mismatch / Incompatible SFP"

2.)     7800 GE0 SFP -> 7500GE0

ge0  id    1G   Online    FCIP  Copper

But port 16 (VE for FCIP Tunnel) is only In_Sync and tunnel is inactive.

7800E GE SFPs:     Brocade 57-1000013-01

7500 GE SFPs:       Finisar FTLF8524P2BNV

So I think the 7800E itself is the problem and not the SFP...



PS: Your requested infos...

fcip_7500_1_hh:admin> sfpshow ge1
port 1: can't get serial data

fcip_7800_1_hh:admin> sfpshow ge0
Identifier:  3    SFP
Connector:   7    LC
Transceiver: 150c402001000000 100,200,400_MB/s M5,M6 sw Inter_dist
Encoding:    1    8B10B
Baud Rate:   42   (units 100 megabaud)
Length 9u:   0    (units km)
Length 9u:   0    (units 100 meters)
Length 50u:  15   (units 10 meters)
Length 62.5u:7    (units 10 meters)
Length Cu:   0    (units 1 meter)
Vendor Name: BROCADE
Vendor OUI:  00:05:1e
Vendor PN:   57-1000013-01
Vendor Rev:  A
Wavelength:  850  (units nm)
Options:     0032 Loss_of_Sig,Tx_Disable
BR Max:      0
BR Min:      0
Serial No:   VAF108450000H9S
Date Code:   081108
DD Type:     0x68
Enh Options: 0xd8
Status/Ctrl: 0x2
Alarm flags = 0x0, 0x40
Warn Flags = 0x0, 0x40
                                          Alarm                  Warn
                                      low        high       low         high
Temperature: 44      Centigrade     -25         95         -20         90
Current:     6.282   mAmps          1.000       17.000     2.000       14.000
Voltage:     3292.8  mVolts         2700.0      3900.0     2900.0      3700.0
RX Power:    -5.0    dBm (317.8 uW) 10.0   uW   1259.0 uW15.8   uW   794.0  uW
TX Power:    -4.7    dBm (339.2 uW) 67.0   uW   631.0  uW79.0   uW   631.0  uW

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Re: FCIP 7800 problems - physical connection

You cannot use non Brocade branded SFPs on 7800, thus 1.) behaviour is expected one.

If you use SW SFP on 7500, it should work with 7800

Did you ask network people to see if they can reset Adva FSP 1500 port's configuration in case it's messed up with od 7500 mac addresses for instance ?

You don't need any license to have ge port Online thus I would first adress this issue before going further

Kind regards,



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Re: FCIP 7800 problems - physical connection

Haven't red the complete thread, but are you trying to get the 7500 and 7800 to talk to each other on (FC)IP level?

If so, that will not work as the 7500 links are setup differently compared to how a 7800 does. This is a hardware/FOS issue and cannot be fixed by using different settings. The same applies to blades based on the same hardware.

Thats from what I can remember from the cfp380 course.

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Re: FCIP 7800 problems - physical connection


Sometimes it`s better to read the complete thread.

Only 7500 to 7500 and 7800 to 7800 are connected!


THX for this advice. I will talk to our provider if the adva ports messed up with different mac addresses...

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Re: FCIP 7800 problems - physical connection


The 57-1000013-01 is a 4G FC SFP. You cannot use this one in a GE port. You need to use a 1G GE SFP like 57-1000042-01.

The 7500 is EOL so it's gonna be hard to get an SFP from any of the OEM's via the sales channel. The Avago SFP ABCU-5710RZ (brcd part# XBR-00300) was EOL-ed per 08/11.

Hope this helps.



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Re: FCIP 7800 problems - physical connection

Hello, this topic is relatively old but, I want to share what we did in a similar 7500 to 7800 migration with FOS level 7.1

Our gigE ports were stalled at "no_sync" after we connected the cables. After searched it from many ways, I saw a portcfg parameter which is "autoneg". So I don't know why but this setting came as enabled.

After disabled it, port became online...

No syntax found on the admin guide but it is like:

# portcfg autoneg ge0 --disable

Good to try..

Kind regards.

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