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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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FC SAN vs FCoE vs Infinband



We have Brocade 300 SAN switch proivdiing the connectivity with Storage, Tape library and Servers. The enviromnet is 8Gbps. 


First of all i want to know are the ports are shared in Brocade SAN switch ?  like Cisco is doing over subcribption in the Nexsus ethernet switch (4 ports sharing 10Gbps). 


secondly the is there any advantages of FC-SAN over FCoE, as now the Ethnert is proivding 56Gbps connectivity whereas the FC still on 16Gbps that is the latest.



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Re: FC SAN vs FCoE vs Infinband

With brocade each port can run at linespeed.

FCoE is not completely lossless, So traditional FC still has that edge.
Also you dont see that many FCoE devices. Sure there are CNAs and some arrays with FCoE, but no FCoE Vtl or tapedrive are spottend or announced.

FCoE is strong when it comes to blades but thats about it.
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Re: FC SAN vs FCoE vs Infinband

Hi there,


In response to your first question: there is no oversubscription in Brocade 300 switchs.



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Re: FC SAN vs FCoE vs Infinband

My view on FCoE here:


That should state enough. (I hope....)




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