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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Extend Fabric using switch with different firmware level

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Hi Guys,


Just an easy question, I guess, but may be interesting to get confirmation before act.. ;)


Topic :

We are currently using fabric of Brocade 300 (One switch is integrated with IBM BladeCenter H and the other is IBM SAN24-B).

First switch, which is principal/domain ID 7, is at firmware level 6.2.1b

Second switch, which is subordinate/domain ID 11; is at firmware level 6.3.0b

All have the correct licences (ISL, Full Fabric etc..)


Objective :

Add a new third switch to the fabric : Brocade 300 (IBM SAN24-B)


"Problem" is :

The third (new) one has fos firmware level at 7.4.1.d


For the moment we can not upgrade existing switch to a newer firmware level.

This operation will be made in a near future.


So the question is :

Is it possible to interconnect these switches and to extend the existing fabric although firmware level are different ?

The third switch should also act as a subordinate.


Thanks for your help !

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Re: Extend Fabric using switch with different firmware level

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Yes it is working but it is highly recommended to upgrade to the others switches to the latest FOS available.

FOS 7.4 release note indicates that minimum FOS 6.2.2d and FOS 6.3.2a are recommended for full zoning compatibility.

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Re: Extend Fabric using switch with different firmware level

Hi Thierry,


I understand and take good note of your advice.

Will do the best to upgrade before interconnect but not sure this will be possible in our environment and regarding the short delay,

but for sure this will be done as soon as possible.


Thanks for your reply !


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