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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Equal cost paths with FCIP on 7500

Hi SAN Group,

I have an environment which has four 7500 routers, two per site with a single 1Gb/s IP WAN. I currently have ge0 and ge1 with a tunnel0 on each ge on every 7500. I have found that if I commit ge0/tunnel0 with 500Mbs, I can't commit ge1/tunnel0 with 500Mbs or even less. I have to make the ge tunnel uncommitted to come up.

Another thing is I am trying to get OSTP on these tunnels but because I have Router-1-ge0/tunnel0 going to Router-2-ge0/tunnel0 and Router-1-ge1/tunnel0 going to Router-2-ge1/tunnel0 I have equal cost paths per router. So I have read that I need to use TI zones.

How else can I make the configuration work? Because with TI zones, an end-port can not exist in to TI zones and I have a single initiator per router and I need to basically spread say four drives into two per ge0/tunnel0 and two onto ge1/tunnel0.

Any ideas please?

Regards Paresh

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