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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Encryption Commit causes Oracle RAC to lose all paths

Please forgive me if I do not explain this exactly right, I am a new SAN administrator and my understanding may not be up to par.



               OEL/Oracle RAC Clusters of 2-3 nodes running on IBM Blades

               Chassis' have eithe 2 x 4020 Edge Switches or 2 x 5470 Edge Switches, connecting to two fabrics for HA.


               2 Brocade Encryption Switches (1 on each fabric).


               EMC Symmetrix/DMX-3 or IBM XIV

Our problem is that lately when we have to add LUNs to the Cryptotarget Containers and run the commit, we will lose both paths to a random node in a RAC cluster. The problem only appears to be affecting RAC clusters, but all of our research that way comes back with "It's not Oracle" and of course that doesn't help solve the issue.  We've reached the point now where we can no longer make any encryption changes unless we are in an Outage window as we cannot predict what effect it might have.

Does anyone have any similar experience or any insight they can provide?

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