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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Enabling autonomous error messages in Silkworm switch


I have a pair of Silkworm 4100, and was wondering what command is used to enable autonomous error messages.

I remember with Silkworm 3200 that I used some time ago that they would automatically send a message (when connected

as hyperterminal) indicating for example when the fabric is down and is being re-negotiated.



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Re: Enabling autonomous error messages in Silkworm switch


what your mean exact:

--->>> enable autonomous error messages.


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Re: Enabling autonomous error messages in Silkworm switch

For example, with my Silkworm 3200, when I unplug a fiber, messages will pop up like:

0x101f6f40 (tFabric): Nov 13 06:30:34 INFO Fabric-reconfig, 4, Reconfiguration due to offline (port 4 - Thu Nov 13 06:30:35 2008)

Nov 13 06:30:35.516 port 0: PLOGI s_id=0x1000 d_id=0xffffc cos=0x8 df_size=2112

I checked the errshow and these messages were also logged into the error logs.

However, with the Silkworm 4100, I performed the same test and did not see these messages either pop up or logged into the error logs. The 4100 log still has messages but they are much fewer like security violation or processor reboot. Is there something I need to enable to see these 'extra' messages? There is no real-time indication through telnet that the port is down and undergoing log-in sequence again.

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