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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Enabling WWN Based persistent PID

I have a double fabric built by 3 Brocade switches (core-edge topology).
The double fabric is well operating since many years.


Now I have to enable in the core switch the “WWN Based persistent PID” because an AIX server (it can boot from EMC VMAX storage very well) have to migrate to new EMC Unity 400F. I have discovered the AIX server cannot boot from EMC Unity, so I have to enable the WWN Based persistent PID (this is an EMC best practice) in the core switch.


The question is: do I have to enable the “WWN Based persistent PID” in the edge switches, too?


Here below the details of my configuration.
The core switch is Brocade 6510 (FOS 7.4.1d).
The edge switches are IBM FC5022 (OEM Brocade 6547, FOS 7.4.1.c).
The core switch and the edge switches are linked by double ISL connection (no trunk).
The disk storages, the tape libraries, the AIX servers are connected to the core switch.
Lots of ESX servers are connected to edge switches. The ESX servers are IBM Flex System blades.


Please, have a look the atteched picture.


Thanks a lot
Paolo Nasca

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Re: Enabling WWN Based persistent PID

I don't really understand how this setting will help AIX servers boot from something. Dynamic PID binding is also persistent in a way. A device gets the "dynamic" PID but this PID stays "persistent" with this device for life. If you are sure that you want to use this setting, then you need to apply it to the switches where your target devices are connected, those that you want to make persistent - i.e. Unity in your case. But it is not just enough to change this mode. You will also need to manually assign some persistent PIDs to these devices, otherwise this setting will just be useless, and Unity will continue using "dynamic" PID. Bear in mind that you need to offline the switch to change it to the persistent PID mode...

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