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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Enable trunking on two switch brocade300



I want to understand the procedure to trunk several ISL in my fabric. 

Actually i don't have any trunking license when i do licenseshow on any switch, but when i do portcfgshow on ISL port  "trunk port is ON"  what does it mean ?

When i do trunkshow there is no ISL trunking. 

If i buy licence i supposed it's one licence per switch ?

The Fabric OS guide suggest  that when licences are enable on switchs, the trunk of ISLs is automatic ( if ports are in the same port group)  is it right that there is nothing to do ?

Fabric OS guide suggest that fiber lengths need to do the same in the trunk , is it right and important ? (my ISLs are LW and i don't know exactly the fiber length between switchs)

My switchs are in Fabric OS V6.4.3 is it right ?



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Re: Enable trunking on two switch brocade300

each switch where you want to form a trunk, must be Trunking Licensed.


with "licenseshow" command you get the output of installed license.


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