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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Enable ports after license upgrade

Hi everyone,

sorry for another newbie question...

I've two Brocade SAN switches for HP enclosure for which I've installed a license to allow the enablement of all ports. I've inserted my license in the switch and it is reported as correctly regesitered.


My question is:

There is a way to enable those ports withoth rebooting or disabling the entire switch??

In suggestions presented after license install "portenable" command is suggested (

Is this the correct command in order to enable the newly registered ports without compromising/interrupting the current active connections to the switch??

Thank you in advance for any reply,

Best Regards,

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Re: Enable ports after license upgrade

Yes.  Ports can be enabled/disabled at will without adverse effects on the rest of the switch. 


Could also use to make the port enable persistent:

portcfgpersistentenable portnumber



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Re: Enable ports after license upgrade

Thank you for your answer.

...I think something with the above command is not supported on my switches because this is the output afer port enable:

BCD-BLADE:admin> portenable 14
Port 14: Port enable failed because the port is persistently disabled
BCD-BLADE:admin> portcfgpersistentenable 14
portcfgpersistentenable failed.  Operation not supported.


Am I missing somethin??


Thank you,




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Re: Enable ports after license upgrade



from the name "BCD-BLADE" show to me this is a Blade Switch Inside the Blade Center.


is correct ?


If yes, and no POD License is Installed, unlicensed Port are permanent as persistent disable and cannot be enable.

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Re: Enable ports after license upgrade

[ Edited ]

Hi Antonio,


thank you for your answer.

I've figured out my issue... I reserved license on port and after that I was able to enable ports.


licenseport -reserve <port_numer>



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