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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Enable Arista 10G Twinax SFP? (7840)

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I have a 7840 that I'm trying to connect to my Arista Network Switches. The only cables I have (in the present situation) are 10G Twinax cables made by Arista (quality stuff)


Brocade, in thier infinite wisdom, has decided that unless I buy thier cables and SFP, they are not going to let me connect to my network switch, which could be the initiation for a lot of discussion.


However, in my experience, vendors have a 'work around" (caveat emptor and all that) to bypass this non-sense and I'm hoping someone can share it with me.


I'm 1000+ miles from home with no way to get a "brocade" cable, and coming back is a very poor option...

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