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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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EFCM 9.7.2 Upgrade question

We recently tried to upgrade to EFCM 9.7.2 on our DR environment, and we found that there are now problems with discovery. Version 9.7.2 is not discovering the SAN. We followed these procedures for the upgrade, are there any issues with what we did:

First we copied the current backup from our production install over the backup, IE the callhome,client, and server directories from the production box of the EFCM 9.5 install overwrote those directories in the DR box. Then we shut down all EFCM services on both prod and DR. We ran the install.exe and pointed to the old 9.5 version for the config files, then we moved our launch scripts over to the new version and restarted the EFCM services.

Did we miss anything? Was it a bad idea to overwrite the DR data with the stuff from prod?

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Re: EFCM 9.7.2 Upgrade question

--->>> First we copied the current backup....

You must Stop all Service by 9.x Release before create a Backup.

Attached the Upgrate Migration Guide from EFCM 9.x to 9.7.x



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