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Duplicate WWPNs for Hyper-V VMs



I have an environment where I have Windows 2012 Hyper-V with qlogic adapters running the latet firmware and driver connected via a Qlogic switch in tranparent mode. These are then connected to some 48 port brocade switches running 7.1.0c FOS.


I have noticed that if a VM moves between physical server, it leaves the WWPN on the old NPIV broced switch port and then tries to login in on the new port with the same WWPN and yes the Nameserver complains of duplicate WWPNs. We have to reboot the old physical to remove the old reminance of the WWPN.


Who has seen this and how did you get around this?

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Re: Duplicate WWPNs for Hyper-V VMs



When a VM, that has a WWN associated to it, is moved to a different physical server, in this case it is the qlogic switch (in transparent mode) the device in charge of updating the brocade switch about the fact that that WWN is no longer registered via that port.


The qlogic switch should send a LOGO to the brocade switch, otherwise the brocade switch won't be able to know if that WWN is no longer available. Check the qlogic switch firmware version and upgrade it if required.





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