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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Dual SAN to C7000 enclosure with Virtual Connect 16GB FC ports

Is there any reason to not connect one SAN Director link from each SAN fabric in a Dual SAN fabric environment into one virtual coneect module bay?  Makes me cringe when I put dual san connections into one common device.  I've lived through accidental merged fabrics in the past via isl/E-Ports that shouldn't have happened but did.  With these ports being NPIV ports, is there any reason to not be able to have multiple fabrics connected into each of two flex fc modules in a C7000 enclosure?  I'm not finding any best practice documents out there that support this layout and wanted to ask if anyone can justify the layout.....

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Re: Dual SAN to C7000 enclosure with Virtual Connect 16GB FC ports

From the formal support point of view, you can connect it either way.

But my own opinion is like yours, I would connect one blade switch to the first half of the SAN, and another blade switch to the second half.

Another option to make sure there won't be any unexpected Eport connections is to implement and enable SCC_POLICY.

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