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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Doubt about GBIC 300m distance

Hi everyone,


I'm totally newbie on FC switches and technology, so sorry by the newbies questions.


I have two FC SAN Brocade 6510 and I'm facing some troubles to configure them. They work normally when interconnected near on the same datacenter.  I have 2 sites in different places (300m distance) interconnected by a fibre in Single Mode. When I try to conect the 2 switches, I got this(Attachment 1) messages on the ports, no matter how configuration (L0, LE, LD or LS and another configs) I do.


Above 500m can I use L0, right?


Can I use the native GBICs? I'm trying to use other GBIC from an old brocade (Attachment 2) and I can increase the port speed as well coz its 4gb.


Thank you guys!


Best regards,

Jonny Moura

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