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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Does saving config cause interruption on newer switches.


I have two of the Silkworm 3850 2G switches. I am getting a new SAN and want new switches as well. One issue with the older switch model is that saving a config will result in a short service interruption on all ports.

It is not normally a problem when every server is dual homed to separate switches and is running good MPIO software. But still, certain combinations of hardware, OS, applications and MPIO software cause my database application to choke when saving the config file on the switch. And also sometimes it is great to have every single server connected to two switches, but sometimes you end up with a couple of single homed servers and you have to wait until the weekend to make configuration changes on the switch.

I am looking at getting the model 300 switches. Can somebody who really knows the switch histories well tell me if I can make changes to a config on this model and not have any interrruption to ports that aren't changing? Have all the new Brocade switches overcome this problem?

I remember when I first complained about the fact that the 3850 has a service interruption when saving the config. At that time, friends of mine would brag that their McData switches didn't have this design flaw. Is this simply no longer an issue with the switches? Have I been holding on too long to this old hardware?


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