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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Disconnecting Merged SAN



We have 2 old brocade switches connected to HP virtual connect (access gateway). all configurations done on the brocade switches. now we have connected 2 new brocade SAN switches to the fabric and we can see all configurations distributed.


the question is : if we disconnect the old brocade switches, are we going to loose the connectivity since all zonning done on them or configurations will remain on the new ones?


Or we have to do all configurations on the new ones and activate them then disconnect the old switches?


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Re: Disconnecting Merged SAN

All switches will retain configuration, so no problem to disconnect old switches.


Good practice will be to delete the configuration and set to "no active configuration" on the disconnected switches afterwards, in order to avoid complications if they are reused somewhere at a later date.



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