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Disabling QoS on Brocade 300s

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Hello all,


I am about to update FOS 7.1.0 to 7.2.1 on my three Brocade 300s.

I am getting a warning message stating "This action will set QoS from AE to OFF", I've read that this action can be potentially disruptive. I am curious to know what specific conditions will cause the disruptions?


I do not currently use QoS on any of the switches.

Screenshot below




many thanks for the assistance.



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Re: Disabling QoS on Brocade 300s

I suppose that since it is not used, it disabling it won't do any harm. But you can disable it in advance so that condition is not met anymore.



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Re: Disabling QoS on Brocade 300s

yep, I manually disabled QoS on one switch to see how it reacts during an FOS update. I saw no issues so I allowed network advisor to disable QoS enmasse during the upgrade. thanks!

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