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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Disable ISL QOS

We don't use QOS zones and thus we're looking at disabling QOS on our ISL's.


We currently have 3 ISL's. 2 ISLs have 2 connections (16Gbps total bandwidth) and 1 has 4 (32 Gbps total).


Given we have 3 links and as this process is disruptive are we able to just run the portcfgqos --disable slot/port on each port and just wait for them to come back up without QOS enabled and then move onto the next port?


A further question:


If we want to disable an ISL, is there a preferred method or do we just pull the cable's form the ports?

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Re: Disable ISL QOS




In response to your query:


I would disable the ISL/TRUNK and then disable QoS. Afterwards enable it back and go for the next ISL/TRUNK.

(I would modify the Principal ISL the last one, just to aboid unnecessary Build Fabrics, but no problem if you do it in a different order)


Better than pulling cables, to temporary disable an ISL, use the command portdisable.




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