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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Difference between Access Gateway mode and switch mode

We have a HP C7000 blade enclosure which needs to be connected to SAN environment (through DCX).

The  interconnect module in C7000 is 8GB brocade switch (Switch type 72.3)

1) Now i have two option for interconnect module to be set, either normal switch mode or AG mode.What is the difference / advantage between two modes?Pls suggest the ideal condition i.e in which case it should be used?

2)When a interconnect (8GB brocade switch)module is connected to external switch, how to find mapping between interconnect module and external switch? (from external switch CLI)

3)For some C7000 blade servers, we have VC interconnect module. What is the difference between VC interconnect module and brocade switch module?

Thanks in advance...

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Re: Difference between Access Gateway mode and switch mode

Comparing Native Fabric and Access Gateway modes

The following points summarize the differences between a Fabric OS switch functioning in Native
operating mode and a Fabric OS switch functioning in AG operating mode:

The Fabric OS switch in Native mode is a part of the fabric; it requires two to four
times as many physical ports, consumes fabric resources, and can connect to a Fabric OS fabric only.

A switch in AG mode is outside of the fabric; it reduces the number of switches in the fabric and the number

of required physical ports. You can connect an AG switch to either
a Fabric OS, M-EOS, or Cisco-based fabric.

Access Gateway Admin Guide is attached.


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