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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Design Question

    Hello all,

I was wondering if someone a little more technical than me can help.

So I was given a case where the customer bought 2 SAN24B switches for each site and has fiber between the sites. the customer also bought 2 SAN06-B (Brocade 7800 Extension Switch)

So I figure no big deal we can use the extension switches and configure them for FCOIP. They say no the customer wants to use the Extension switch with FC only! Defeats the purpose but can this be done? I know its probably dumb.....but can it be done easily? so using the FCOIP switch only for FC to FC then if it can do we need any special licensing or other considerations? there are two midrange sans sitting behind each pair of 24B's

Thanks in advance....


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Re: Design Question

in order to use FCIP, you need FCIP/FC License

Another option is, you can Extended both site over Native FC, i.e. via xWDM.

you should post more details how both DC are connected.

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Re: Design Question

I removed the two san-06B from the design

The DC's are connected via dark fiber from site a to site b

I need to know if I need the Brocade 5300 integrated routing feature to connect the two switches in site a to the two switches in site b? all four should be talking at once.....

if so how many integrated routing feature should I buy?

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Re: Design Question

Hi emashaal,

You would only need the Integrated Routing licenses if you are doing FC routing from the 5300 switches.  If so, then you would need one per switch which going to be "doing" the routing (EX_ports).  Depending on your design goals here, you may only need them on one side or not at all.  That is why TechHelp was asking for more details above.  It is difficult to answer design questions without a clearer picture of what you have, where it is, and what your goals are.

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