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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Data not flowing on new trunk ports

I have two switches in production, one 5300 and one 48000 which had 4 individual ISL's between them all carrying data. I hooked up two new fiber ports to make an 8Gb trunk group. The trunk formed and one port is master and one port is slave. But no data has started flowing on the new trunk. I have disabled the ports and re-enabled them but still no data flows. This is production so I can't just reboot the switches. I need to to make another trunk and get data flowing on both trunks then remove the individual ISL's without interruption. I thought when a trunk was brought up it would automatically be used. Let me know if anyone has any ideas. I have read the trunk admin portion of the fabric OS maual but it never refers to putting on trunks after switches are in use.

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Re: Data not flowing on new trunk ports

Do you have license for trunk if yes

Can you execute the commands trunkshow and islshow to see if ISL in trunking mode.

With switchcfgtrunk you enable all port of switch in trunk

With portcfgtrunkport you enable one port in trunk

With portcfgshow display port information to see if port in trunk mode or not

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Re: Data not flowing on new trunk ports

I guess I should have put the simple stuff in my question.

Yes, I have a license otherwise I would not be able to form a trunk

Here is trunkshow:

19:175->1 10:00:00:05:1e:36:47:e6   2 deskew 15 MASTER
     174->0 10:00:00:05:1e:36:47:e6   2 deskew 15


19:175->1 10:00:00:05:1e:36:47:e6   2 Edge1     sp:  4.000G bw:  8.000G TRUNK QOS

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