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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Dail Home Setup

Hi Team,


Can you please suggest me how to setup a call home for Brocade Switches. Eariler we have used EFCM for Call home to Brocade but we have not renewed the EFCM tool hence we are looking to setup call home from Brocade Switches it self.


Can we done directly through the switches using CLI or web tools ?


Thanks & Regards,

Bhanuchand R

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Re: Dail Home Setup



In order to configure callhome so that errors are forwarded to the switch vendor, you need to use EFCM. I reckon that the Proffesional edition of this application is free and does not require a license. If that is not an option, it will be difficult (if not impossible) to configure callhome:  You can configure SNMP traps to forward the events to a SNMP server and review the events from there. Or if the switchs have FabricWatch license, you can also configure email alerts.





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Re: Dail Home Setup

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Also as an FYI the Call Home feature requires a licensed BNA version (see below):


 bna package offereings.jpg

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