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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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DS-7800B firmware upgrade 6.3.1a to 6.4.2a requires POWER CYCLE


I wonder if anyone can help?

I'm planning a Firmware upgrade on 4 DS-7800B SAN switches supporting FCIP links. (2 switches in each fabric). They're currently running 6.3.1a and I'm planning to go to 6.4.2a.

The release notes state:

The MP-7800B platform and PB-DCX-FX8-24 blade must be power cycled after upgrading from FOS v6.3 to FOS v6.4.2a. This is necessary to load the new FPGA
image that enables IPv6 capability for FCIP links to MP-7800B and PB-DCX-FX8-24 blade. This step is mandatory even if IPv6 will not be used on the FCIP ports.
Not performing this step will result in unpredictable behaviours on the FCIP links. Please note that in the case of PB-DCX-FX8-24, only the PB-DCX-FX8-24
blade needs to be power cycled and not the entire DCX/DCX-4S chassis.

I presume a "hard reboot" is sufficient? Or do I genuinely have to physically power off and power the switch back on?

I need to know because I can perform this work in around 20-30 minutes per switch if I'm working remotely. If I have to travel to the various DC's - it's going to add about a day to this :-( !!!!

Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,


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Re: DS-7800B firmware upgrade 6.3.1a to 6.4.2a requires POWER CYCLE


first,Brocade say the step is mandatory as described.

second, since you operated from Remote, after upgrade as be finished successfully, you have to shutdown the 7800 with the command "sysshutdown"

Brocade Plattforms cannot perfome Power Cycle, brings the system to power off, and then automatically powers the system back on.

At this point, - and this is the main problem -, you must have a Physical Person in the Data Center, he must Power Off after "sysshutdown" command and then brings Power On again.

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Re: DS-7800B firmware upgrade 6.3.1a to 6.4.2a requires POWER CYCLE

Thanks for your quick response.

That's exactly what I didn't want to hear !!

So.... I'd better start planning to do a bit of driving....

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