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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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DS-4700M corrupt firmware

I have a DS-4700M with corrupt firmware (when powering on it just sits with all the orange port lights on solid and the network port lights on green and does nothing else). Is there any way of getting either a firmware image I can flash to the device or a replacement CF card with the firmware on?

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Re: DS-4700M corrupt firmware



EOS is not longer available for download


As far as i remember, the 4700 have Embedded Flash on Board and no removable Compact Flash.

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Re: DS-4700M corrupt firmware

Do you have the IP addr of the switch? If yes, can you establish a telnet session to the switch?(EOS may be running, but in degraded state) If yes, can you run any commands? If yes, use this link to review the 'maint' commands avail under EOS and attempt to reset to factory, maint commands start on page 2-124:


Frex: maint.system.ipl & maint.system.resetConfig


If the reset is used, the network will go back to default IP addr and the maint level password is "level-2". 


Good luck


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