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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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DS 4100B FOS Upgrade questions

I am currently running two (EMC oem'd) DS 4100B switches on FW version 4.4.0b.  I am putting together an upgrade plan to bring these two switches up to version 6.4.2a or newer depending on the responses I get to this thread.  What I would like to know is:

Does anyone see a problem with my plan?

Is there a place I can use the intermediate FW release to skip one an upgrade or two?

Current Plan

4.4.0b to 5.1.1b (obtained from IBM)

5.1.1b to 5.3.2b (obtained from IBM)

5.3.2b to 6.0.0c (obtained from IBM)

6.0.0c to 6.1.2b (obtained from HP)

6.1.2b to 6.2.2e (obtained from HP)

6.2.2e to 6.3.2b (obtained from HP)

6.3.2b to 6.4.2a (obtained from HP)

Thanks in advance

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Re: DS 4100B FOS Upgrade questions

looks good your plan.

Do you use CLI for administration or web tools?

If you use webtools and both switches are connected with ISLs you will not be able to manage the zoning fabric wide from a single point.

You can do it via CLI or DCFM/BNA

read the release notes before you update. Have a look in the update procedure guidlines in some release notes.

I assume that this will be an easy task.

I hope this helps.

If you need further assist let me know.


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Re: DS 4100B FOS Upgrade questions

Thank you very much Andreas.  I now have a few more questions...

I'd like to know whether or not I should upgrade them together or should I bring one switch to 6.4.2a and then do the other switch.  I am assuming I should bring them "up" together... in other words, perform the 1st FW upgrade on both switches before moving on the 2nd FW upgrade... and so on.

I'd like to know how long it usually takes to complete a single FW upgrade?

I'd like to know whether or not there are any specific commands that I should run or settings I should check to validate that the FW installed succesfully?

Thanks again,

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Re: DS 4100B FOS Upgrade questions

It depends a bit of your configuration. I would update switch 1 and then switch 2 to the same level and then the next FW update.

The problem is that you should check if all servers are working as expected after an update.

On a 4100 it will took about 15-30 Minutes to finish the FW update. Make sure that you IP interfaces are working correctly. Ask your network guys if they see any ethernet frame drops or collisions. If so set the ports to 100Full duplex fixed on both ends otherwise the updates will take longer or even fail.

Make sure that you have an FTP server inplace where you can place the extraced FW codes.

Use the command firmwaredownload, firmwaredownloadstatus firmwareshow

switchstatsus, check the overall status of the SAN switch. errdump is also helpful.

when you run the the firmwaredownload command you should use the autocommit function. This will copy the new version on both partions in a single step.

This had work for me many many times without any issues.

Before you start make that the FOS code is on both partions on the same level.

I have attached an old version of the Firmware download guide from Brocade. But this will help in the first steps.

Best regards,


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