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DS-4100B - EOSL Upgrage/Replace solution

We have two Fabric Switch DS-4100 (32 port )  and we come to know that this switches going to be EOSL on end of this year(2012).   what is the replace  option for this FC Swithes.

Type                             :  CONTRIX

Model                           : DS-4100B

Let em know if you need further details.

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Re: DS-4100B - EOSL Upgrage/Replace solution

Thanks for the prompt response.

I go through the docs; I couldn’t see any upgrade plan. Can you/any one can help me for the following concern.

1) Upgrade, we need to replace complete hardware

2) Replace existing to another.

All critical server are connected through   DS-4100B switches, How to plan for this upgrade?

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Re: DS-4100B - EOSL Upgrage/Replace solution

If (1)all your host are connected to both switches in a (2)dual fabric setup with (3) wwn based zoning) it would make your life easier.

In both case there comes a time were you have to move your host and storage to the new switches.

In both case host with just one connection need downtime.

Should there be a host present which does like domain id changes, for instance HPUX i would go for an replacement scenario.

Basically you

1-recreate/copy the zoning necessarry on(to) the new switch.

2-move all connections to the new switch in one go.

3-decom your old switch

4-repeat for other fabric

Your other option

1-isl your new switch to a old switch

2-have them merge

3-move connections one by one or in batches or whatever floats your boat to the new switch

4-decom your old switch

5-repeat for other fabric.

The first option is more troublesome when it doesn't work and your unable to get it running in time, but you can revert to your old switch.

The second option is more troublesome to get the ISL working but once up and running, you can move the host within larger timespan given you enough room for error should a host give difficulties once moved

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Re: DS-4100B - EOSL Upgrage/Replace solution

Good answer, Thank you .Let me clarify few more things:

1)    1)  Do we need to pay the amount as new switch for Upgrade plan? Or Brocade will give  offer for replacement?(its under active support now)

2)     2) Is only one option that upgrade the switch,  or Is there any alternative option other than  buying completely new one (cost is matter ) ,we bought from  vendor  just 3 years back,

Please share the plan if anyone has experience on EOSL hardware replacement.   (High level which option you preferred and benefit of that option… etc)

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Re: DS-4100B - EOSL Upgrage/Replace solution

1) no take a look at Brocade Network Subscription.

In a nutshell, Brocade owns the gear, You use the gear on a pay per use model, Its not lease, Support it part off the plan as well.

When you need new features or higher speeds, request them and you'll get it, the bill will be adjusted accordingly.

Otherwise Yes switch don't come for free just because your model is outdated while under contract.

If its the list price or not is up to your bargaining skills, but I don't lnow anyone who pay list prices.

2)You cannot upgrade your current switch to newer features or higher speeds, those are dictated by the ASIC's used.

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Re: DS-4100B - EOSL Upgrage/Replace solution

1) For pricing, ask you Reseller or OEM provider, if any Promo Trade-In is available in you Country

2) About replacement, that is very simple and we discussed here in the community at several time.

Need you to config NEW Switch with different DID as the current Fabric, ISL this NEW Switch to the fabric, the config begin to migrate in a couple of Second.

At this point you need just to begin to move the Connection from Old switch to New.

That all.

have a fun.


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