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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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DS-4100 FW & 200E FW 6.2.2e connectivity


    Just setup two DS4100-32 port 4GB Switches, they are connected together using the ISL, All working fine, But I want to connect one of the spare 200e 16 port switches that is in another comms room at the otherend of the building, to make it a 3 switch fabric,


the connection I was going to try and do was Unit-1 -> Unit-2 -> Unit-3 ( 200e )


But the problem I seem to have is that I connect the 200E back to Unit 1 set the ISL up, but it does not see the 3rd switch. when you run islshow :on the 200E

 1: 15->    (incompatible)


The 200e has no config on it, I was hoping that the 200e would get its config from the DS-4100 or at least some of it.

the all have different domain ID's and one of the DS-4100's is the principal switch


When you run islhow on the DS-4100:

 1: 27-> 27 10:00:00:05:1e:04:26:d7   2 MicBroc_DS_4100 sp:  4.000G bw:  4.000G ( this is to the other DS-4100 )
 2: 31->    (incompatible)


Is this down to the FW difference ?


Or is there som other config change on either the ds-4100 or the 200e ?

Any help or advice welcome

many thanks:smileyhappy:

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Re: DS-4100 FW & 200E FW 6.2.2e connectivity



Could you paste the output of portcfgshow <port> for the isl ports?

Could you also post the message obtained in errdump?

Do the 3 switchs have the same interopmode?


I think that the fos version should not be an issue here.



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Re: DS-4100 FW & 200E FW 6.2.2e connectivity

Hi thanks for the reply

    I have sorted the issue out it seems the Fabric segments because the 200e has a hidden zone configuration (no access) activated and the 4100 pair has an explicit zone configuration activated.

When you disable a CFG the defaultzone takes effect

Type ‘defzone – show’

Normally cfgdisable,  cfgclear, cfgsave will normally do it…. and the switch will join but in this case it did not want to play


So on the 200e I set the defzone --allaccess, enabled the switch and it joined the fabric, all is now working

Not sure if this is the correct way of doing it but its worked



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Re: DS-4100 FW & 200E FW 6.2.2e connectivity

Please be aware that with defzone --allaccess allows a free for all fabric should the zoning config be disabled erased etc.

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