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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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DCX blades

Getting ready to install a pair of DCXs with 48 Port blades. Do all the ports provide 8gbits or just a particular group on each blade?

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Re: DCX blades

FC8- blade all Port support 8G

FC16- blade all Port Support 16G

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Re: DCX blades

Hi Bill,

as you didn't provide exact models, here are possible cases:

FC8-48 blade in a 8G DCX director: all ports are capable of running 8G; however the backplane connection is 32x8G thus the confguration would be 1.5:1 oversubscribed (48:32) in the worst case scenario. But, because Brocade ASICs utilise "local switching" (switching packets within ASIC ports on a blade wherever possible) the stated theoretical oversubscription rate is not an issue in most setups.

FC8-48 blade in a 16G DCX 8510 director: not supported.

For 16G directors there is another blade called FC8-48E which can run all ports on 8G but has 16G connections to the backplane.

FC8-48E is not supported in 8G DCX directors.

Hope this helps,


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