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DCX Management IP Configuration (reboot required?)

Hello All:

     I have looked around the forums a bit and I have a question regarding the IP address configuration for the DCX-4S (for management purposes).  We recently had a vendor install two of the switches for us, but they failed to assign IP addresses to both CP0 and CP1 (on both core switches) - they did, however, assign the chassis (virtual) IP address (ipaddrset -chassis).

     My question is the following: once we go back in and set the IP addresses for both CP0 and CP1 (ipaddrset -cp 0/1), the documentation says to issue the reboot command - is that mandatory for things to work or will we be able to http/ssh/telnet to the switch if we don't reboot?  The concern we have is that these are live production systems now (unfortunately) and there is fear of an outage (we are dual pathed, etc., but things can happen).

     Okay, thank you agian for your help!



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Re: DCX Management IP Configuration (reboot required?)

As i don't do this regulary if checked the man page on ipaddrset.

I don't see a reference to reboot an CP after ipaddrset.

Only requirement is that to command is issued on the active CP.

Since the Chassis ip (which should be used for management) is online on the active CP i doubt its neccessary to use a serial connection.

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