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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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DCX-B Power Requirements

Is there a way to tell from the CLI or Webtools if a DCX -B Switch is running at 110V or 220V ?

Also is there a way to tell a Blade to power ratio on the DCX-B. Meaning how many power supplies or power is needed to run so many blades in the switch ?

I know there is a little information n the hardware guide but its very vague .

Thank you in advance .

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Re: DCX-B Power Requirements

hi, as far as i know, there's no way to tell what is the current PS voltage.

for the blade power consumption, use chassisshow command.

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Re: DCX-B Power Requirements

The PSU's are auto-sensing and auto-adjusting.  If you refer to the FOS Release Notes, specifically the chapter entitled "Blade Support", it specifies the # of PSU's needed depending on your blade configuration and environmental power.


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Re: DCX-B Power Requirements

Thanks for the response

I believe Slotshow -p is a useful command as well.

Also the RN is the same info from the hardware guide

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Re: DCX-B Power Requirements

go to Power Calculator, and you get the exact answer you need.


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