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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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We have just installed some new DCX's in our Tape Grid Environment. There has been some discussion regarding the fact that we are using 8Gb SFP's as part of the ISL Configuration. The ISL's (Trunks) connect to our Optera 5200 (then to DWDM & to our other site). We are using 2.5Gb OTR cards in the Optera and are wondering about the fact that the 8Gb SFP's are essentiall putting out twice the power that our 4Gb SFP's put out. On one of our ISL's we are actually seeing a positive DB Loss at the Optera (according to our network Provider). First off I was thinking thats impossible......But that brings up a couple of questions. When you issue an SFPSHOW x/x  you get Transmit and receive Power in microwatts and a -DB Loss. The power I understand, but what is the -DB loss calcualted against (cables, connections, SFP itself, ??)  The other question is: Is it possible to overdrive the 2.5Gb OTR card in the Optera with the power you are now putting out from the 8GB SFP's. Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks, Gus

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