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DCFM development path

Does anyone know what the planned development path is for DCFM. I'm currently running 10.4.5 Pro Plus. I'm using HP branded brocade switches.  Any plans for a newer version and I'm also concerned that it appears right now that this version of DCFM will not support the latest firmware levels that new switches are shipping with.

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Re: DCFM development path

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Re: DCFM development path

1. I recommend you setup a discussion with your local Brocade account team. They can provide you with detailed updates on product manageability tool sets.

2. Brocade Network Advisor is the upgrade path for DCFM. You will need to verify your switch product type and FOS versions are compatible. This information can be found in the BNA Installation / Administration manuals found on HP's public web site.

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