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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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DCFM - BNA event alert

hi guys,

when we have DCFM ( couple of weeks back ) we getting alerts for critail/warning ( this we can setup ) with Description as a message but once after we upgrade to BNA we getting events with category as a messge like below.

From: Brocade_DCX4S

Action Event Type: Custom Events

Triggering Event: SNMP Trap : (1 times in 0 seconds) Device Change event

Auto generated Dec 14 12:15:54 PST).  Event Action: PM Threshold Crossed

can u guys help to how/where to change this setting, that way we get alert with description as a message

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Re: DCFM - BNA event alert

Hi Raju i am working on a similar issue to the message you are seeing below and this is what i understand about this:


- this is an SNMP trap triggered when a switch port is logging errors indicating performance issue like c3 discards (check the portstatusshow [slot/port]) for c3 discard TX/RX timeout errors. You may need to clear the counter with the portstatsclear command to see if there are new errors logging

- If you are seeing these errors logging there is an issue with this connection (may be end device related may be switch port SFP related) causing frames to be dropped and this should be investigated ASAP as this could lead to other issues like credit loss / slow drain type issues.


PM = performance monitor and is a licensed feature and can be adjusted in BNA / DCFM (for Brocade) or Connectrix Manager for EMC and can be edited as follows:


To edit a PM threshold crossed policy, complete the following steps.

  1. Select Monitor > Event Policies.
  2. Select the policy you want to edit in the Policies table.
  3. Click Edit where a dialogue box appears here the monitor can be edited as needs be 


Further information for this is available in the BNA / DCFM (for Brocade) or Connectrix Manager for EMC user guides available on and in the document just search performance monitor and you will find much information on this.


Hope that helps.



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Re: DCFM - BNA event alert

Also to add to my previous post...


In your screen grab you show port 87 is changing its operational state indicating that the 87 is flapping down and up and it is this instability that is causing trap to trigger.


I recommend if you are using WWN zoning to move the cable connected to port 87 to another free port on the switch to see if it stable in the new switch port if it is this indicated that port 87 has a failing SFP but if while that cable is connected to the new port it still goes down and up this indicated that the issue is with the end device of maybe the connecting cable so you may need to do some investigation there.


Either way PM is doing as expected and is reporting a possible issue.


Again i hope that helps


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