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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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DCC-policies - experiences?


we are faced with some problems with Device Connection Controls - and I would like to know, if anyone has similar problems or experiences:

- we have a medium-size core-edge-SAN - core is a DCX-4S, edges are 3*5300, 2*5100 (+ second physical fabric for redundancy)

- all are running FabricOS 6.4.2

- all switches have Virtual Fabric-feature enabled and we are running two Virtual Fabrics spanning all switches in the physical fabric

- DCC-policies are created for all possible ports on the logical switches in both Virtual Fabrics

- when DCC-policies are activated, they are distributed to all switches

Does anyone have experiences with DCC and can share pros/cons of database distribution?

Has anyone had the need to move from "one database per fabric" to "one database per switch" (Reject distribution)? If yes, why?

Has anyone had problems with the distribution of the DCC-policies? Long time to complete, Port Logout/Logins during activation etc.?

Thanks in advance&kind regards,


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