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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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DC04 F8-48 blade quads details

Hi Folks,

Any idea about DC04 F8-48 blade quads and how it was described & defined.How it would be useful for us...

Please help on this.



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Re: DC04 F8-48 blade quads details

Hi Seeivasan,

I would recommend reviewing the SAN Design Best Practices Guide located at the link below.

As mentioned on your previous post, for the FC8-48 blade, the  FC8-48 with utilizes 2 ASICs

Ports 0 – 7, 24 – 39 utilize ASIC 1, and ports 8 – 23, 40 – 47 utilize ASIC 2 making up two Local Switching groups, each with 24 x 8 Gbit/sec external ports, and 128 Gbit/sec internal bandwidth.

If you can provide more detail on exactly what kind of information you need I can try to assist more.

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Re: DC04 F8-48 blade quads details

We have read a lot about the two ASIC and the ports assigned to each ASIC.

We are going to be migrating from our 48000 Directors to our
DCX Directors.  We want to make sure we balance and distribute our servers
and storage arrays on the DCX.  We understand about distributing the
servers and arrays in the local switching groups on all of the DCX
blades.   Does the location of devices in ports make a difference?
For example should servers be located in specific ports and should arrays
be located in specific ports?    Based on what I read it does
not matter which port severs and arrays are located in.

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