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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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D-Port traffic test fails on new DWDM links with "Local port error(s): GENERIC"



we are extending 2 existing fabrics via DWDM links (16G)

adding new X6-8 Directors to existing 8510-8 cores


the DWDM links negotiate to N16 fine and extend the fabrics to the new switches

now to verify the links we use the D-Port feature,


configured the ports with

portdisable <portnum>

portcfgdport –enable –dwdm <portnum>

portcfgpersistentenable <portnum>


portdporttest –start <portnum>



Anyway the link traffic test continuously fails with “Local port error(s):   GENERIC” (see below)

In the –detail output we see 1m frames tx and rx and no errors apart from 1 loss of signal.

Behaviour is the same on all 4 links we test.


Version 8510-8 is v7.4.1.e

Version X6-8 is v8.0.2c


Any hints on why the link traffic test fails?

Thanks in advance




portdporttest --show 9/6

D-Port Information:


Slot:                           9

Port:                           6

Remote WWNN:                   10:00:00:27:f8:e7:a9:b5

Remote port index:             70

Mode:                           Manual

No. of test frames:             1 Million

Test frame size:               1024 Bytes

FEC (enabled/option/active):   Yes/No/No

CR (enabled/option/active):     Yes/No/No

Start time:                     Mon Feb 18 11:12:11 2019

End time:                       Mon Feb 18 11:13:10 2019

Status:                         FAILED


Test                   Start time     Result         EST(HH:MM:SS)   Comments


Electrical loopback     11:12:14       PASSED         --------       ----------

Optical loopback       --------       SKIPPED         --------       ----------

Link traffic test       11:12:29       FAILED         --------       ----------


Roundtrip link latency:         unknown

Egress power:                   Tx: -1.5 dBm, Rx: -3.6 dBm, Diff: 2.1 dBm (Loss is within tolerable limit)

Ingress power:                 Rx: -2.0 dBm, Tx: -2.2 dBm, Diff: 0.0 dBm (No Loss)


Failure report:

Local port error(s):   GENERIC

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Re: D-Port traffic test fails on new DWDM links with "Local port error(s): GENERIC"



could you clear counters, run test and share output of portstatsshow and porterrshow?


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Marian Bezeg
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Re: D-Port traffic test fails on new DWDM links with "Local port error(s): GENERIC"

[ Edited ]

Hi all,


for the records: the test went fine as soon as I used the -time Option instead of relying on the default (1 mio frames)




portdporttest --start -time 00:10 <port>

portdporttest --show <port>



Status:                         PASSED


Test                    Start time      Result          EST(HH:MM:SS)   Comments


Electrical loopback     07:36:27        PASSED          --------        ----------

Optical loopback        --------        SKIPPED         --------        ----------

Link traffic test       07:36:46        PASSED          --------        ----------




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